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On behalf of the Law Office of Denise Gentile, I welcome you to our new website. I strive to deliver the very best counsel, utilizing my experience and dedication, while exercising the utmost level of honesty, respect, and compassion, in each situation. I look forward to working with you.
- Denise L. Gentile / Attorney    


  • In the State of Nevada, there are two types of divorce proceedings, contested and uncontested, and The Law Office of Denise L. Gentile has effectively handled hundreds of both types.

Child Custody/Support

  • Regardless of who is awarded physical custody after a divorce, it is vitally important to lay out an appropriate schedule of which parent is responsible for the children's expenses.

General Family Law

  • From the creation and termination of domestic partnerships to adoptions and protective orders, our law office is highly experienced in all aspects of family law in the State of Nevada.

Prenuptial Agreements

  • A prenup seems like a simple instrument that all couples should draft prior to their wedding day, but a properly written one must incorporate many details that are often overlooked.

Post-Divorce Disputes

  • There can never be a guarantee ex-spouses will live up to their responsibilities. We have vast experience assisting clients in the enforcement and modification of divorce decrees.

Relocation Requests & Defense

  • When the parent who maintains physical custody of minor children after a divorce wishes to move out-of-state, a vitally important decision must be made on the part of the courts.